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Disability and Accessibility - Budget 2021

We are investing to grow disability leadership, advocacy and advice, and improve information accessibility for disabled people.

We want disabled people to have access to government services and information that work for them.

Part of the Government’s investment in disabled people in Budget 2021 is an additional $5.764m over four years to improve equal access to Government information through accessible formats for disabled people and others with access needs.

  • Approximately 25% of New Zealanders are disabled. Disabled people experience signficantly worse life outcomes in many areas such as employment, education, health and social connectedness.
  • The Government’s commitment to disabled people is evident in the multi millions of dollars funded each year for services and assistance for disabled people through agencies such as ACC, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Development.
  • Equally important is the commitment of all Government agencies to ensuring their policies and services work for disabled people.
  • The investment is a targetted contribution to progress opportunities and rights for disabled people through all government agencies.
  • COVID-19 has emphasised the need for disabled people to have access to government information and communications in formats that are accessible to them. There is a cross government commitment to this work. The new funding will increase the capacity to translate important communications into the range of accessible formats for disabled people – New Zealand Sign Language translations, Easy Read, and the range of formats that work for people with blind and low vision.

The funding also strengthens the Office for Disability Issues’ advocacy and disability advice within Government and supports Sir Robert Martin’s disability advocacy role at the United Nations.

  • This information accessibility will benefit disabled people with information accessibility needs as well as those with low literacy levels or those for whom English is a second language.
  • All government agencies have a responsibility to ensure their services and policies work for all New Zealanders, including disabled people. The new funding will strengthen the Office for Disability Issues’ disability advice and advocacy role across government. There has been a significant increased demand from government agencies for disability advice from the Office. The new funding will enable the recruitment of up to two additional advisors by 2022/2023.
  • The funding will also support disability leadership through Sir Robert Martin’s continued participation at the United Nations on behalf of disabled citizens in Aotearoa and internationally. Sir Robert brings a unique and valued voice to the United Nations. His experience and knowledge, his lived experience of insitutionalisation, and his advocacy on behalf of people who are learning disabled is highly valued internationally.








Costs (operating) 

$1.065 million

$1.701 million

$1.499 million

$1.499 million

$5.764 million