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MSD change proposals finalised

26 June 2024.

Change proposals affecting four business groups have been finalised.

MSD is reducing the size of its workforce to meet its fiscal sustainability commitments and ensure it is managing within its funding baseline. It is doing this through a combination of voluntary redundancies, attrition, fixed-term roles coming to an end, and the current change proposals.

Last month we informed staff of change proposals, which have been subject to consultation.

As a result of feedback, there have been a number of changes to those proposals.

Those directly affected by these decisions have had a chance to talk with their manager about the changes and understand what it means for them and their position. Today we have shared the decision with all staff.

Today’s decisions range from changes to reporting lines to the disestablishment of positions. They will mean our workforce will reduce by 86 positions. There were 97 in the initial change proposal. 

Senior leaders went over feedback and considered a range of options before making their final decisions. They also met with the PSA and, in the case of one of the business groups, went back out to consult on alternative options.

- Nadine Kilmister, Deputy Chief Executive for People and Capability

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