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Consultation underway on proposed changes

23 May 2024.

This week we have gone out to staff to consult on proposed changes within four of our business groups.

Under these proposals, which are still subject to feedback and final decisions, a total of 332 positions would be affected, with an overall net reduction of 97 positions. Of the positions proposed to be disestablished or reduced there are 27 vacancies.

MSD is reducing the size of its workforce to meet its fiscal sustainability commitments and ensuring it is managing within its funding baseline. It is doing this through a combination of voluntary redundancies, attrition, fixed term roles coming to an end, and the current change proposals.

This week's change proposals follow the announcement on 23 April of voluntary redundancies. Since then, we have accepted some additional redundancies as a result of some staff requests for reconsideration, taking the total of voluntary redundancies to 218.

In addition we have 56 fixed term employees ending at the end of June. Since December we have also reduced the number of full-time equivalent positions by 341 through attrition; holding vacancies; and the expiry of fixed term agreements.

In total, if the change proposals go through as proposed, MSD’s head count will reduce by 712 positions. 

MSD’s total FTE headcount as at the end of December was 9482.

Summary of projected FTE headcount changes at MSD:

 Reduction in net positions as a result of proposed change processes: 

[this includes 27 positions that are vacant)

 Voluntary redundancies  218
 Fixed-term employees ending at end of June   56
 Attrition, sinking lid and fixed-terms ending since December  341
 Total projected reduction  712

- Nadine Kilmister, Deputy Chief Executive for People and Capability

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