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Changes to the management of Job and Training Support Funds for the disability community

19 August 2022.

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and Workbridge have announced an upcoming change to the administration and management of Job and Training Support Funds for disabled people.

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Support Funds is a MSD-funded welfare programme that provides assistance with extra employment or training costs that are a direct consequence of a person's disability or impairment, costs that a non-disabled person doing the same job or training would not have.

Workbridge have been administering these funds on MSD's behalf since 1994.

MSD and Workbridge have mutually agreed the administration and management of these funds will go back to MSD during the first quarter of 2023. Until then Workbridge will continue to manage the funds on MSD's behalf.

MSD assures everyone that the Support Funds programme will continue and that they will be working closely with Workbridge to ensure a seamless transition for clients.

MSD's ongoing commitment to supporting disabled people

MSD is committed to supporting the disability community to have the same employment opportunities as other people.

Other support MSD offers includes Supported Living Payment, Disability Allowance and Training Incentive Allowance, and funding through community groups. MSD's Employment Service, Mainstream Employment and Mainstream Internship programmes also provide employment support to disabled people, including people with health conditions.

For more information, please contact sftransition@msd.govt.nz

For enquiries regarding your current support or Support Fund applications contact Workbridge via supportfunds.co.nz or 0508 967 527

New Zealand Sign Language video

Watch a video of this announcement in New Zealand Sign Language.

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