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Other operational guidance

Additional operational guidance for social services providers and organisations during the COVID-19 Protection Framework or 'traffic light' system.

Food preparation

If you prepare food onsite to provide to clients, you must:

  • check the MPI guidance on food safety
  • ensure your school and any suppliers meet all health and safety requirements.

Food should be eaten outside wherever practicable at the Red setting.

See our food provider guidance

Emergency management

You should continue to operate practice drills as normal at Green, Orange and Red traffic light settings.

Health and hygiene

Managers must be especially diligent about checking in with their staff daily and send anyone home who is not feeling well.

All staff are encouraged to:

  • regularly disinfect surfaces and have good hand hygiene, and to thoroughly clean your desk and equipment before and after work every day
  • wash hands before starting work and at every opportunity during the day, especially after using shared spaces or touching items someone else may have touched, like drawers, and before going home
  • practise good cough and sneeze etiquette
  • wash hands after unpacking goods received.

The extended daily cleaning will continue (for a deeper clean) and the additional clean during the day of high-touch areas, such as door handles, kitchen and handrails, will be reinstated for most sites. Note that these cleaning products are stronger than the normal eco-friendly cleaner.


Staff are to observe clients on arrival. Clients presenting as unwell can be asked if they have been tested. If they haven't, staff should ask them to get:

  • tested as soon as possible
  • advice about getting tested by calling their doctor or Healthline on 0800 358 5453

Displaying information

All businesses and organisations that require My Vaccine Passes (MVPs) must display posters advertising that MVPs are required upon entry.

These organisations may also want to display COVID-19 posters asking all staff, clients and contractors to stop and check they are not showing any symptoms before entering any site

Working in close proximity

All staff should be fully trained and equipped to use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).


Indoor spaces should be well ventilated, for example by opening windows, doors and any vents.

If mechanical ventilation is used, make sure the ventilation system is regularly maintained.

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