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OSCAR locations and subsidies

OSCAR subsidies and payments

Our regulations allow for the OSCAR payments to be paid when there are COVID-related absences, not for staff absences or unavailability.

There is a COVID-19 Support Payment available for businesses or organisations that have experienced a 40% or more drop in revenue as a result of certain COVID-19 circumstances.

COVID-19 Support Payment – Inland Revenue

Self-isolation support

If the client does not qualify for OSCAR, there is no funding available to pay OSCAR fees while they and their children self-isolate.

They need to continue paying their OSCAR fees as they normally would, if the OSCAR centre still charges during the isolation period.

If the client needs extra support while they are self-isolating, they may be eligible for some financial help from Work and Income. Clients can find out more by either:

School closures and changes

School closures

If a school must close to deep-clean or staff need to self-isolate, MSD can review the OSCAR subsidy. We currently do this when a school has to close for a day or two, as for a teachers-only day.

MSD can pay an extra OSCAR subsidy for families who both:

  • have a negative Covid test
  • need to attend OSCAR full-time until the school can re-open.

Changing to online learning

If schools close and change to online learning due to a lack of staff, children whose parents who cannot work from home can attend an OSCAR service during the school hours of 9am to 3pm.

There is no extra OSCAR funding for this arrangement because it is:

  • agreed between the school and the OSCAR provider
  • outside of OSCAR accreditation, since it is, in effect, school supervision or education.

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