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Complaints about an income support or pension decision

Review of decision

The review of decision process is what happens when you disagree with
a decision the Ministry has made about your income support, pension or
an application you have made.

These information sheets and flow chart detail the process:

How to start the 'Review of decision' process

It's always a good idea to speak to the Ministry staff member who made the decision you disagree with first. If this does not work, fill in the form below and send it or take it into your local site. You can also write a letter or e-mail to start the review process.

Decisions heard by the Medical Appeals Board

If you don’t agree with a decision made by the Ministry on medical grounds, generally your appeal will be heard by the Medical Appeals Board.

Getting free legal and benefit advice in your region

These are information sheets about organisations that you can go to for free, independent legal and benefit advice.

They have been broken down regionally.

Information for trespassed clients

Information for people who have been served a Trespass Notice from one or more Ministry of Social Development offices.

Advocacy groups

An advocate deals with the Ministry on someone's behalf; they can only do what the person they represent has said they can do. This consent must be in writing unless the person is present with the advocate.

What if you still disagree?

If you have been through the above process and received your Report from the Benefits Review Committee and you would like to take your case further you can go to the Social Security Appeal Authority.

The Authority is an independent judicial tribunal made up of people who do not work for the Ministry of Social Development.

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Information for those involved with Benefits Review Committees

Information pack for community representative

Jun 2019

Panel members decision checklist

Jun 2019

Community representative role description

Jun 2019

Expense claim form

Oct 2018

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