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Community Food Transition Grants Funding - Now closed

The following community providers were successful in their application for Community Food Transition Grant Funding:

The following outcomes were achieved under the Community Food Transition Grant Fund:

Criteria and application process

What is the CFT Grant Fund?

The CFT Grant Fund aims to:

Temporarily support emergency community food provision during the transition between Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups standing down and MSD implementing the two-year Community Food Response Funding.
Total funding available $2 million
Who can apply?

We are seeking applications from organisations that are:

  • A foodbank, food rescue organisation, or other organisation that is distributing or providing food to people, families or whānau who are unable to afford to purchase food
  • Registered as a Charitable Trust, Incorporated Society or other not for profit legal entity
  • Able to demonstrate strong and ongoing community connections to the cohorts they are supporting with food
  • Able to demonstrate increased costs in distributing or providing food to people, families and whānau compared with prior to COVID-19
  • Able to demonstrate established processes for identifying or assessing who requires support for food
  • Able to demonstrate established relationships to connect people to support, for example Building Financial Capability (budgeting) and local Work and Income service centres (where appropriate)
  • Able to demonstrate that the food it provides is safe and healthy and provided in a safe way.

Please note: Applications from organisations currently working alongside Civil Defence will be given priority.

Funding period Funding is for a contribution towards your additional costs from the period June – August 2020, where you are not otherwise being supported by Civil Defence Emergency Management.​
Eligible Costs

As this is a limited fund the intention is that the funds will primarily be used for the purchase of food items to restock community food providers. There is however some flexibility around what costs can be applied for as long as they are reasonable costs that are directly related to the provision of food to people who have immediate affordability needs as a result of COVID-19. These must be temporary and additional to normal operating costs.

This approach recognises the different operating models and cost structures of foodbanks and community providers (e.g. donated / purchased goods; paid staff / volunteers; packaging and delivery approaches). Some examples of eligible costs:

  • Costs associated with the preparation (including packaging) and delivery (if required) of food) to meet immediate, essential needs
  • The purchase of PPE for staff and volunteers, where this is considered necessary by the foodbank / community organisation (see Ministry of Health guidelines and advice)
  • Petrol or other costs associated with the delivery of food
  • Temporary hire (not purchase) of plant/equipment (e.g. chillers, forklifts, pallets, waste disposal, vans or trucks) required for the storage, preparation or delivery of food
  • Short-term leasing of additional premises or facilities to meet additional COVID-19 related demand.
What costs are ineligible?

The following are examples of costs which are NOT eligible:

  • The provision of food and any other costs associated with animals that are not companion animals including stock and animal rescue operations and support
  • Business-as-usual costs that have not been impacted by increased demand, reduced donations, or additional costs due to COVID-19.
Expected outcomes The successful applicant will provide food for people, families and whanau vulnerable to food insecurity as outlined above. This will ensure short-term food security for our communities.
 Your questions

If you have any questions, please email them to

We will also regularly update our FAQs page with your commonly asked questions.

FAQs for the Community Food Transition Grant Fund (CFTGF)

What period of time will the funding cover?

The CFTGF is designed as contributary funding to support the increased food demand experienced by foodbanks, food rescue and community food services due to COVID-19. It has been created to provide transitional funding as these services move between Civil Defence funding and MSD Community Food Response Grant Funding. This covers the period until mid-August.

I am still receiving Civil Defence (CDEM) funding, can I apply?

Yes you can still apply, but you will need to know the expected end date of this funding. There is a section in the application form which asks this and how much they are providing. For example Civil Defence might be providing reimbursements to your organisation until end of June and so you will be seeking funding for July/ August.

I have not received funding from Civil Defence (CDEM), can I apply?

Yes you can, if you can demonstrate increased demand since COVID-19, and you meet the other CFTGF criteria. This funding is designed as transitional funding and so organisations which have been working closely with Civil Defence to distribute food in their communities will be prioritised. We recognise that there are other organisations providing crucial food services which weren’t successful in receiving CDEM reimbursements and we are open to providing funding where we are able.

I am a food rescue organisation, can I apply?

Yes MSD recognises the crucial role of food rescue organisations in providing food to vulnerable people and whanau.

I am an individual providing a food service, can I apply?

This funding is only available to registered charities, charitable trusts or other non-profit legal entities.

I run a food manufacturing business and want to distribute food at cost to foodbanks, can I apply?

This funding is only available to registered charities, charitable trusts or other non-profit legal entities. You may be able to partner with an existing charity and apply together.

We are an organisation which has recently started providing food to our community due to COVID-19, can we apply?

If you are a registered charity, charitable trust or other non-profit legal entity then you are able to apply. Organisations with established links to their communities, can show good practice around assessing needs and providing referrals to other organisations will be prioritised. This funding is designed as transitional funding and so organisations which have been working closely with Civil Defence to distribute food in their communities will be prioritised.

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