Media outlet enquiries

If you're a media outlet and have a query about the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), Work and Income, StudyLink, Ministry of Youth Development, Offices for Disability Issues and Senior Citizens, please contact the MSD Media team.

Phone: 04 916 3496

Media queries related to MSD clients

MSD requires reporters wanting information about individual clients to get clients’ permission for us to provide that information.

To make it easier for you to get that permission from clients, there are different ways of supplying us with the necessary information.

Clients can either sign a paper form, submit an online form or send the information by text.

When the request relates to a couple, it is advisable to get consent from each person.

Using a paper form

If the client is able to sign a paper copy of the form we use, use the privacy consent form below.

We will accept a scanned or photographed copy of that form from the client if it’s emailed to us from the address we have on file for the client.

If you’re sending in a scanned or photographed copy of that form on the client’s behalf, please also include a scanned copy or photo of the client’s identification, preferably with a photo and a signature on the ID.

Sending info by text

We’ll also accept a client’s information if it’s sent by text message.

The client needs to state that they are giving us permission to release their details to your specific media outlet, along with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • SWN (client no)
  • Mobile
  • Email address

Then they can either:

  • text it to us (we’ll provide you with a number to give them for this)
  • text it to you so that you can send it to us by screenshot. The screenshot will need to show the client’s mobile number, so we can match it up with the number we have on file for them.

Regional media enquiries

For regional media enquiries relating to MSD please contact the following.

If you don't get a reply, please contact the national media line at the top of the page.

Northland: 029 201 5049 |

Auckland: Michaela Spratt | 09 9161858 |

Waikato: 04 916 3496 |

Bay of Plenty: 04 916 3496 |

Taranaki: Gail Bennett | 06 968 6616 |

East Coast: 04 916 3496 |

Central: 04 916 3496 |

Wellington: 04 916 3496 |

Nelson: 04 916 3496 |

Canterbury: Anna King | 03 961 6352 |

Southern: Kathy Gibbs | 03 955 6524 |