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COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Employer Search

Use the 'Wage Subsidy search' button below to search for employers who have received COVID-19 Wage Subsidies.

The search will tell you:

  • the name of the employer
  • the number of employees for whom payment has been made
  • the amount paid

Publishing this information makes sure that payments under the scheme are transparent and that the scheme is accountable to the public.

Wage Subsidy search

If there are a lot of searches underway right now, you may need to try again soon.

Publishing this information makes sure that payments under the scheme are transparent and that the scheme is accountable to the public.

Can’t find an employer?

If your search can’t find an employer it may be because:

  • their application hasn’t been processed yet
  • they haven’t applied
  • they’ve been declined
  • they haven’t yet been added to the list
  • they are listed under a different name.

The list uses the name given by an employer on their application. This might be different to the name you know them as.

If you can’t find your employer, you can:

  • ask your employer for the name they used on their application,
  • check your employment agreement,
  • check your bank account for your employer’s account name with your salary deposits.

You could also use the following websites to look up other company names for your employer:

Important information about the list

It is a big task and we ask you to bear with us as we work towards a full list over the coming days.

There are some instances where a business needs to refund part or all of the Subsidy. It may take 2-3 working days for the payment information to be updated in this database once the refund is made. Businesses who applied in error and refund all of the Subsidy may be removed from this database.

We’re not able to provide regional or industry sector breakdowns at this time, but we are working to provide this at a future point. We currently do not have an estimate on when the data will be available.

For employees

You should talk to your employer in the first instance if they’ve received the Wage Subsidy but you’re not being paid or you think your pay is wrong or you have questions about how the subsidy is being applied to you.

Ask your employer if they listed your name on the application, as they can apply for the subsidy for some or all of their employees.

If you can’t find out from your employer whether you were included in their application, we can tell you if you were listed. You will need to complete this form:

Please note: we can only provide this information in response to completion of a form. Our call centre staff don’t have access to this data, so won’t be able to answer these enquiries.

Making a complaint

If you have talked to your employer and:

  • you cannot resolve your problem or
  • you think your employer has behaved fraudulently in relation to the subsidy,

you can make a complaint with Employment New Zealand.

For employers

Employers who would like more information regarding the wage subsidy, including making an application, should visit Work and Income.

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