Community Partnerships and Programmes

Community Partnerships and Programmes (CPP) is focused on preventing and reducing vulnerability and harm for individuals, families and whānau, and communities.

We are responsible for:

  • strategic partnerships
  • community, employment and population-based programmes and activities
  • industry partnerships
  • service management of a range of national contracts.

We work collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders to achieve better outcomes for those individuals, whānau and communities who most need our support.

Our group is part of MSD’s Service Delivery business unit. We have five teams which are led by Group General Manager Marama Edwards:

  • Partnerships and Programmes, General Manager Manaia King
  • Safe, Strong Communities and Families, General Manager Mark Henderson
  • Māori and Pacific, General Manager Charlie Howe
  • Service and Contracts Management, General Manager Kelvin Moffatt
  • Ministry of Youth Development, Director Linn Araboglos.
cpp group

From left, Manaia King, Marama Edwards, Viv Rickard (Deputy Chief Executive Service Delivery), Charlie Howe, Mark Henderson, Linn Araboglos and Kelvin Moffatt.

The roles and responsibilities of the teams are outlined below:

Partnerships and Programmes

This team focuses on building strong and resilient communities utilising a range of prevention and community development approaches which lead to sustainable and long term outcomes for whānau, communities and whole of populations. This is done through strategically partnering. It also partners to support New Zealanders by ensuring services and programmes are accessible and available to them.

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Safe, Strong Families and Communities

Safe, Strong Families and Communities supports a wide range of programmes and initiatives aimed at preventing and reducing vulnerability and harm for individuals, whānau and communities. We also fund and manage a number of key relationships with the social services sector.

At the current time, our work programme has a big focus on leading MSD’s response to family violence, sexual violence, and building the financial capability of people in hardship.

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Māori and Pacific

The Māori and Pacific team is focused on improving outcomes for Māori and Pacific clients, families and communities.

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Services and Contracts Management

The Service and Contracts Management team is responsible for managing a range of contracts with service providers and partners, and supporting our industry partnerships with employers. The group also supports the regional contracting teams who work directly with providers throughout New Zealand.

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Ministry of Youth Development

The Ministry encourages and supports young people, aged between 12 and 24 years old, to develop and use knowledge, skills and experiences to participate confidently in their communities. It partners with others to enable, fund and promote youth development opportunities for all young people in New Zealand.

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