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Approval relinquishment process

A provider can ask for approval to be removed.

Volunteering to relinquish a level of approval does not affect the organisation’s ability to apply for approval at any level in the future.

How to relinquish your approval

A provider can relinquish their approval by emailing MSD Approvals:

The following information is needed so an approval can be relinquished:

  • the organisation’s legal name
  • the provider’s trading name (if different)
  • the provider’s address
  • that the person emailing has the authority to relinquish approval on behalf of the provider

Alternatively, you can send this information by post. Please see our contact information for the correct address.

Why a provider may want to relinquish approval

  • no longer operating
  • change in service focus and approval is required at a different level
  • service focus has changed and approval is not required for remaining services, for example the provider is no longer contracted by MSD

Relinquishing approval does not affect the provider’s eligibility to apply for any level of approval in the future if required.

Intergenerational activity

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