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Building Financial Capability Fund

The Building Financial Capability Fund (BFC Fund) aims to help community groups and local providers to build the financial capability of their people and communities. It replaces the MoneyMates Fund which has now closed.

The BFC Fund supports projects that:

  • improve the wellbeing of people, families and whānau
  • improve opportunities and life outcomes for tamariki/children
  • improve access to social and economic inclusion.

The 21 organisations listed below have been approved to carry out various BFC activities in their regions in the 2019 year

Some of these initiatives include:

  • Supporting whanau to gain the skills to implement their own income-generating ideas
  • Consulting with local Marae to develop financial capability information tailored to whanau which will be delivered at the Marae
  • A remote financial mentor who can call on rural isolated areas offering financial mentoring to those in hardship
  • An app in Samoan and English that will assist with budgeting, setting goals and investment information
  • Just Trucks”, a pilot project that will offer an ethical alternative to shopping trucks
  • A group of initiatives working across the microfinance area testing best practice to incorporate No Interest Loans Schemes (NILS) to assist people ion hardship to regain their financial wellbeing.

Provider name

Service Description

Funded Amount

Budget First

A service to prevent the financial exclusion of people on low incomes. A part time loans officer will act as a financial mentor who can assess a client’s eligibility for an NTM (Nga Tangata Microfinance) loan. NTM loans are for clients who have shown a commitment to working with a financial mentor and have a deficit in their weekly budget because of high interest debt.


Consultancy Advocacy and research Trust

A support service to help whanau identify realistic economic initiatives and put these into action through a 12 month change programme that will equip them with the skills required to implement their initiatives. This enterprise will be underpinned by Te Ao Maori.


Central Otago Budgeting Service

For one day each week this appointment-based clinic will be out on location in Central Otago’s communities, making budgeting services more accessible to all members of isolated communities.


Christchurch Budget Service

Christchurch Budget Service will recruit, train and support members from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) to run programmes in their own language. The CALD communities will own, lead and deliver their own financial capability projects with training and support provided by Christchurch Budget Service staff.


Fale Pasifika o Aoraki

Fale Pasifika o Aoraki will test the delivery of the Money Fale model (which is based on the 10 MoneyMates modules). Using a Pacific lens and a speed fono approach, this will be delivered to clients in emergency and transitional housing and wider community groups.


Gisborne Budget Services

Gisborne Budget Services will take financial capability services out to rural or isolated areas.


Good Shepherd

A service to establish a model of support for clients who struggle with unmanageable debt. This will be tested using the existing Community Finance Programme as an entry point. The pilot is called Debt Solve Programme.



KokoTala’s new app will help users to be more financially savvy. The app will be in both Samoan and English and has three main functions:

  • Budget – create simple budgets allowing tracking progress
  • Goals – Set financial goals and track progress
  • Invest – Learn the fundamentals of investment.


Maataa Waka Social Services

Whanau will be given tools to build mana and confidence to take responsibility for their own outcomes. Using a “Train the Trainer” approach, Maata Waka Social Services will facilitate Financial Mentoring Wananga to Iwi members.


Maufanga Canterbury Community Trust

The Trust will collaborate with Tongan Church & community group leaders in Christchurch to facilitate dialogue with their members about financial capability to improve their wellbeing and build the capabilities of the community leaders on the BFC modules.


Nga Tangata Microfinance

A Trial of a decentralised staffing resource structure that will enable an eventual scaling up of NTM’s current operations while establishing closer working partnerships with BFC Services. A budget/loan advisor will be trained to be a “loan champion” in their region. Local social services and agencies will be trained on the positive impact of NTM’s loans providing the opportunities for clients to access no interest loans to assist with clearing debt and building their financial capability.


Paeroa Community Support Trust

This pilot programme will engage other community groups/businesses to work together to address the needs of the community. Workshops/expos on money matters, health and well-being, housing, legal issues and banking will be delivered.


Presbyterian Support Otago

Support people and fanau from Otago’s Pasefika community who want financial capability advice by delivering the Pacific MoneyMates trial. The approach will combine learning with the social aspect of ‘food and fellowship’.


Te Runanga O Nga Maata Waka

Te Runanga O Nga Maata Waka will train Financial Mentors to deliver a whanau ora-based programme called Ngakau Mohio. It will be underpinned by a wrap- around approach for clients.


Te Whare Putea Trust

The Trust will collaborate with Maori health and social providers to reach more young parents. Workshops will be facilitated by financial mentors from Te Whare Putea and an external Maori health provider.


Ninja Orange T/A Test Tube

An initiative that offers a series of micro-learning courses to teach people about investing and financial resilience. The courses are 10 minutes each and focus on various financial concepts. These will be accessible through modern internet capable devices.


The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army will provide communities access to an ethical shopping truck option. A pilot project called ‘Just Trucks” will offer the purchase and delivery of goods at retail prices directly from mainstream stores. The trucks will offer food items and would contain computers for clients to complete online ordering. Countdown will deliver the order but will waive the delivery fee.


Tonga Advisory Council (TAC)

Increase financial knowledge and capabilities using the TAC model of practice. TAC financial navigators will facilitate workshops and one on one meetings with Tongan church and community groups. Workshops will be delivered in the Tongan language and community champions will be selected to support each of the churches and communities that are worked with.


Tuvalu Auckland Community Trust

The Tuvalu Auckland Community Trust will employ a project coordinator to plan workshops and awareness programmes, make referrals to other agencies, and deliver workshops and seminars to the community about the importance of managing their finances.


Waiuku Family Support Networks

This project will develop Financial Literacy modules with specific relevance to the Waiuku area community. They will consult with Marae and existing clients on what is most relevant and develop this material for four one-off sessions. Following consultation the tailored sessions will be rolled out on location at the local Marae.


Wesley Community Action

This service will promote and sustain financial stability in low income households by delivering the Good Cents programme and setting up Savings Pools and a Porirua Time Bank.


two pleople meeting third peson illustration
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