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How Client Service Matching works

Our Work and Income case management services offer support to build confidence and resilience. Our case managers help clients with financial assistance, help with housing, and work with people to help them prepare for and find a job.

For most of our clients, this is an ‘on-demand’ service. They can simply make an appointment at their local service centre and they will be seen by the next available case manager.

This video shows clients how we use our predictive models in Client Service Matching to match people to the right level of support.

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Different levels of support for different people

We know some people respond to help in different ways, depending on their background and circumstances and some need more support than others to help them get ready to work.

Our active services are more proactive, which means our case manager will contact the client directly, even if they haven’t put their hand up for help. Case managers build strong relationships with these clients and together, they develop and work on a plan to help them achieve independence.

We use client service matching to help direct clients to case management services that are most likely to work best for them.

How we match people to the right level of support

Client service matching uses two statistical predictive models and a set of eligibility rules, to match people to the right level of support for their personal situation. These models use the information people tell us about themselves as well as their history of receiving a benefit from us. The model takes that information and compares it with the experiences of previous clients. This allows us to provide clients quickly with the right level of support to get them back to independence.

MSD uses predictive modelling for client service matching because it is a more efficient and effective way of identifying clients who need the most support. Modelling helps us determine who will have a more positive outcome from the type of case management.

More about client service matching

A technical report on Client Service Matching is also available. Please contact us at to request a copy of the report.