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BFC Plus

Building Financial Capability Plus (BFC Plus) is an intensive service aimed at people with multiple and complex needs.

Since the launch of core BFC service components in November 2016, providers and the wider sector have told us that these clients may experience at least one of the following characteristics:

  • clients presenting with high crisis, e.g. drug and alcohol addictions, chronic mental health, trespassed from Work and Income, prisoners transitioning back into the community
  • clients with multiple and complex needs who are disadvantaged in several of the following life domains: income, material wellbeing, health, housing, employment, safety and social connectedness
  • clients dealing with multiple services (e.g. Oranga Tamariki–Ministry for Children and Children’s Teams, family violence services, and those that need respite from stress while learning how to manage money) to address multiple crises in their lives
  • those experiencing sudden change in circumstances and are therefore feeling vulnerable
  • clients who are vulnerable to being taken advantage of/financial abuse
  • clients where money management is a possible solution

Providers told us of the different ways they work with these clients and it became clear there were no consistent ways of delivering services, identifying who was most appropriate for intensive support, what entry and exit criteria look like, national and approval standards, and how to keep both the clients and providers safe.

Co-design with the sector

We took a co-design approach to develop a new model for delivering services to people with multiple and complex needs. We worked with BFC Plus providers, wrap-around service providers, service design experts, Work and Income, and representatives from the National BFC Charitable Trust. We tested the proposed service model with providers and sought further feedback from the wider sector before it was finalised.

BFC Plus service model

A BFC Plus service model has been developed to meet the needs of people with multiple and complex needs who need a high level of intensive support and intervention.

As a limited amount of funding is available, the new service model will initially be delivered in areas with the highest levels of deprivation as identified through an analysis of relevant data sets.

There will be potential for expanding BFC Plus to other areas following an evaluation of its effectiveness in supporting people and their whānau with complex needs.

$1.1m for continuation of services

While this work is underway, MSD is funding interim providers, for $1.1 million per year, to deliver BFC Plus services. This will ensure continuous service provision for clients with multiple and complex needs while the co-design with the sector takes place.

Providers who have been contracted to provide BFC Plus from August 2017 to June 2019 can be located in the Family Services Directory.

Understanding clients with multiple and complex needs

We now have a better understanding of the current services being delivered to clients with high intensity needs.

This follows an evaluation by Malatest International which has included talking to current BFC Plus providers, a selection of youth services delivering their own financial programmes and a range of non-BFC providers specialising in people with intensive support needs.


We welcome your ideas and feedback on the design of the new service model. You can email us at Financial_Capability@msd.govt.nz.

Homeless man illustration
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