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Applying for funding from the Children and Families Research Fund

The Children and Families Research Fund has one round per year. The 2019 funding round closed on 26 July 2019.

Selected projects will represent well-defined, quality research developed in response to government policy questions.

We are particularly interested in supporting research proposals from institutions and/or researchers who are new to the fund.

Funding categories

The 2019 funding round had two categories:

Standard Research Grant

Up to $125,000 per proposal. Projects will demonstrate strong research capability, experience with working with longitudinal data, and involve close collaboration with government policy professionals.

New User Grant

Up to $50,000 per proposal. This category is focused on increasing the diversity of people using Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) data, and must be led by a Principal Investigator who has not previously conducted research using GUiNZ data.

Data Access Committee

All grants are dependent on applicants successfully applying for access to use GUiNZ data. This is a separate process, managed by the GUiNZ Data Access Committee.

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