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Student Allowances January - March 2019

The data in this report are cumulative year-to-date figures. Therefore, the January to December figures are the relevant calendar year figures in the annual statistics tables. For the purpose of this report, a student is defined as a person who received at least one payment from StudyLink in the calendar year, up to the end of the specified reporting month. Percentage figures may not add to exactly 100 percent because of rounding effects. All percentages are computed using actual data and rounded to the nearest one decimal point. Three years of data and annual comparisons are presented in summary tables, earlier figures are included in the downloadable spreadsheets.

Allowances paid out based on personal and family circumstances

The weekly rates for student allowances are based on the personal and family circumstances of students (e.g. age of the student, income of the parent/s, and whether the students live with their parent/s or not).

From 1 January to 31 March 2019, a third (33.6 percent) of the total number of students in receipt of student allowances, were parental-income tested students who live away from home, and 27.4 percent were single students (aged 24 years old and over).

The graph below shows the proportion of students in receipt of allowances based on their personal and family circumstances, and the summary table provides the number of students over the last three January to March quarters.

Student Allowance payments by family circumstances

Number of student allowance recipients paid out based on personal and family circumstances

Personal and family circumstances 1 January to 31 March Annual Change
2017 2018 2019 2017-2018 2018-2019
Parental-income tested allowance, student away from home 16,189 15,103 14,626 -6.7% -3.2%
Parental-income tested allowance, student at home 10,587 10,317 9,291 -2.6% -9.9%
Single students, 24 years old and over 12,639 12,255 11,925 -3.0% -2.7%
Single students with child/children 3,714 4,015 3,771 8.1% -6.1%
Couples without a child 1,322 1,246 1,295 -5.7% 3.9%
Couples with child/children 2,141 1,926 1,839 -10.0% -4.5%
Independent Circumstances Allowance 792 767 774 -3.2% 0.9%
Total 47,384 45,629 43,521 -3.7% -4.6%

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