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Nic Blakeley - Deputy Chief Executive, Insights and Investment


Nic Blakeley - Social Policy

Nic leads the Insights and Investment group, which supports strategic investment decisions, ultimately leading to better outcomes for New Zealanders. The group provides actionable insight to support decisions today and builds social investment tools and systems to support better decision-making into the future, underpinned by a foundation of data and evidence.

What working at MSD means to me

"It's a real privilege to be part of an organisation that helps so many New Zealanders, often at times in their lives where they need support to get back on their feet. We owe it to them to make MSD the best it can be, and we owe it to ourselves to create the type of organisation that we enjoy working for and gets the best out of us.

"The creation of the Insights and Investment group signals the value that better use of data and evidence can play in improving outcomes for our clients. I want to make that a reality."


Nic started in Insights and Investment on 1 April 2017, as part of the organisational changes.  He started at MSD in 2013, spending three and a half years as Deputy Chief Executive, Social Policy.  Nic led the policy group towards a 'Building Blue' culture while delivering on MSD's Ministers' wide range of policy and legislative agendas.

Before MSD, Nic worked at Treasury for almost ten years in a range of policy areas, including a period as economic advisor to the Minister of Finance.  Nic has degrees in electrical engineering and commerce from the University of Canterbury.

Cultural dancing.
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